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Hi Happy Teachers!

Korean public schools (EPIK/ GEPIK/ SMOE) require a minimum of 100 hours of teaching English as a foreign language certificate (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA). Some regional Education Boards require at least twenty to fifty hours of in-class hours. Your decision to take an online or in-class course should be based upon your school choices.

Private English schools in South Korea do not require English teaching certificates, but it is preferable to possess one as it will make you a more desirable candidate. Having a teaching certificate is a definite plus to your resume and will facilitate your job finding.

Deciding which TEFL course to take can be difficult because price, duration, credibility, content, structure, and many other factors vary per course provider. Because we have experience working with many different schools and knowledge through personal experience from teachers who took TEFL courses, we are happy to recommend the following TEFL/TESOL course for potential applicants. We assessed many different aspects such as cost, recognition, and content in order to recommend the following site for you.

SeoulESL would like to recommend the TEFL Graduate’s 120 hours online TEFL Course on which you can take up to a 65% discount and enjoy the journey of becoming an all-ready teacher in Korea.

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