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  • (EPIK) Can I apply with a dependent?

    - You may apply with a dependent (spouse and/or children). There is a section on the application form for you to list each dependent. However, no special consideration will be made for applicants with dependents in regards to the size of housing, and applicants will be responsible for all matters regarding their dependents including visa procurement.
  • (EPIK) May I defer my acceptance until the following term?

    - As all terms are independent of each other, you would have to reapply to the program for the following term should you withdraw from the current term and wish to apply for the next term. Please note that withdrawal after final placement would result in the inability to apply for the following two terms.
  • (EPIK) I want to apply with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Can we be placed near each other?

    - Applying early and having your documents ready and advance can assist in this situation. While we cannot guarantee that you will be placed near one another, the likelihood of both of you being placed in the same office of education is better if you apply and submit final documents early. Placements within a specific office of education are handled by the Office of Education and they will make the final determination but will take an applicants' situation into consideration.
  • (EPIK) Does EPIK accept FBI checks through channelers?

    - Yes, as long as the channeler is one of the official FBI-approved channelers (you can find this information on the FBI website) we will accept the check. The check received must be eligible for apostille, so all applicants using channelers should inquire regarding this with the channeler they have chosen to use.
  • (EPIK) My CELTA course will be completed before the start of the contract, but the actual certificat

    - No. Unfortunately, a copy of the final certification is a required document and must be submitted no later than six weeks prior to the contract start date.
  • (EPIK) Do I need a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA?

    - All applicants are required to be at least a level 2 or higher on our pay scale. Please view the pay scale under "Job Descriptions > Salary & Benefits > Pay Scale" to check if you currently qualify for level 2 or higher. 

    For those without a degree in education, a valid teacher's license/certificate, or a year of TaLK experience, a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/etc. certification of at least 100 or more hours would be required to qualify as level 2.

    Applicants may apply for the program before they have completed any of the above requirements, but must meet one of these requirements and submit proof of such no later than 1.5 months prior to the contract start date. 
  • (EPIK) What kind of visa must I apply for as an EPIK teacher?

    - Most people will apply for the standard E-2 visa after final placement with the program. Ethnic Koreans are eligible for either an F-4 visa which can be obtained without documentation from EPIK or for an E-2 visa which requires EPIK provided visa documentation following placement. Applicants with Korean spouses are also eligible for an F-6 visa.
  • (EPIK) What if I am granted final approval and then decide that I would prefer not to go?

    - If you withdraw after receiving final approval, you will be prohibited from applying to EPIK for two consecutive terms following the term of your withdrawal. Withdrawing from the application process before final placement has no negative consequence.
  • (EPIK) When will I know the exact school in which I will work?

    - You will only know the school and specific location within the metropolitan /provincial office of education you have been placed in after arriving in Korea and completing the mandatory orientation. When you meet your Office of Education’s supervisors at the orientation, that is when you will be given specific information.
  • (EPIK) Can I choose where I am placed in Korea?

    - You can list one preferred Office of Education (ex. Gyeongbuk) on the application form. We will try our best to place you in your preferred location. However, placement in any specific office of education is not guaranteed and depends on a variety of factors such as the availability of positions, the needs and requirements of each office of education, and the timing of when we receive your final documentation for recommendation, etc.
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