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Are you looking for a short term teaching opportunity?
Do you want to get away for a month from your country and experience a different culture?
We have various summer and winter camp positions updated each season throughout Korea.
If you have a problem submitting application form, please send your resume and photo to esl@seoulesl.com with the position # that you would like to apply for.


게시판 리스트
No Starting date Job title Location Job type
26 Jan. 1~Jan. 14. 10days winter camp in Paju city Paju city English Camp
25 2016.01.04~2016.01.08 5 Days Camp in Incheon city Incheon city English winter camp
24 2016.01.03~2016.01.16 2week winter Camp at Yonsei University, Songdo International Campus Yonsei University, Sondo International Campus English winter camp
23 2015.07.27~2015.08.09 2 weeks Boarding Camp in Incheon near Seoul Incheon city English Camp
22 2015.07.27~2015.08.14 3 weeks summer Camp in Pyeongcheon Anyang city near Seoul Pyeongchon Anyang city English Camp
21 2015.07.27~2015.08.14 3 weeks Summer Camp in Seocho-ku, Seoul Seocho-ku, Seoul English Camp
20 July 20th ~ Aug. 14th 4 weeks Summer Camp in Paju city near Seoul (July 20th ~ Aug. 14th) Paju city Gyunggido Summer Camp
19 2015. 01. 04. ~ 2015 01. 09 Global Reporter winter Camp in Paju city 6days Paju city Winter Camp
18 Jan. 12th ~Jan. 11 Global Science Leadership Camp 6 days Jeju city English Camp
17 Dec. 29th 2014- Jan. 23rd 2015 12days Day camp in Pyeongchon Anyanga city Pyeongcheon, Anyang ctiy Winter camp
16 Dec. 15~ 23rd Jan. 2015 4 weeks Winter Camp in Paju city near Seoul Paju city English Camp
15 Dec. 17th 2014-Jan. 2nd 2015 2 weeks winter camp in Jeju island Dec. 20th - Jan. 2nd Jeju island, S. Korea English Camp
14 July 23rd `22nd of Aug. 2014 4 weeks Summer Camp in Paju city 3 Mil won (Paju city ) Paju city Summer Camp
13 July 24th 2014 12days Summer Camp in Pyeongchon Anyang city right near Seoul Anyang city English Summer Camp
12 24th of July 11days Day Summer Camp in Jeju island Jeju island English Summer Camp
11 July 25th 2014 12days boarding summer camp in Jeju island Jeju Island English Summer Camp
10 July 28th ~ Aug.14th 2014 3 week Summer Camp in Gangnam Seoul Gangnam, Seoul Summer Camp
9 Dec. 29th 2013 27days Winter Camp near Seoul Paju city English Camp
8 Dec. 29th 2013 Boarding winter camp in Paju city near Seoul Paju city Gyunggido Winer Camp
7 Dec. 27th ~ Jan. 25th 2014 Winer Camp in Bundang Dec. 27th ~ Jan. 25th 2014 Bundang Winter Camp
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