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Note: information collected on the application form will be used exclusively for the purpose of the applicant’s employment in the English Language Teaching industry by SeoulESL. We do not post your profile online.

If you have a problem submitting application form, please send your resume and photo to

Apply for Private English school job EPIK/GEPIK(Public School job) Short term English camp job

- Personal Info

*Only a citizen of one of the following countries can apply Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA
Full Name on Passport
Gender Male / Female Nationality
Date of Birth year  month  date Marital Status Single / Married
Place of Birth City      Country

- Contact info

Tel Skype ID
Current location
If you are in Korea, state your visa type
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- Emergency Contact

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- Education Background

Bachelor's Degree Major/ University         Date of graduation
Master's Degree Major/ University         Date of graduation
Teaching Certificate (Name of certificate, Issuing organization or institution, Hours taken)

- Teaching Experience

In Korea (length of experience, school name)
Out of Korea (length of experience, school name, country)

- Reference Check

For teachers that have worked in Korea previously : We will need to do reference checks with your former school. Please submit contact information.

Name School Name

- Preferences

Date of Available
Location Specific City or Province preferred
Preferred Student Age Group Name of your friends or partners you are applying with(if you have)

- File Upload

Resume Photos
Cover letter Others

- Visa documents

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal Offense (Including Drive under Influence)? Yes No
Do you have any medical or mental issues we should be aware of? Yes No
Do you have a notarized photocopy of Bachelor degree with apostle certification or a stamp from a Korean consulate? Yes No
Do you have national level Criminal Background Check with Apostle Certification or stamp from a Korean consulate Yes No

- Others

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